MCH Goodwood Gretta

MCH Goodwood Gretta VG

2006 AGS National Youth show Grand CH Senior doe
3X Grand CH Senior doe
2X Reserve Grand Ch Senior doe
1X Youth Grand Champion AOP
Classified VG 89.3

Gretta is a very dairy doe, with a nice rear udder and nice large easy to milk teats. Gretta has a wonderful sweet personality who’s a joy to handle and milk. Gretta had triplets in 2005 sired by Flat Rocks Gem and we’ve retained her doe Mica. She’s freshened in Jan 2006 with triplets, of which just one buckling survived- her buckling Miracle was retained & produced lovely daughters, including our Agape Oaks M Irresistable

2-8-01 to 3-7-11

MCH Goodwood KW Dallas X Goodwood KW Weeping Coconut

Gretta’s pedigree