Agape Oaks DS Dancin’ Diane 4*M AR

Agape Oaks DS Dancin’ Diane 4*M AR                                                              

Reserve Grand Champion Jr Doe 2X 1st place yearling milker

Multiple Reserve GCH

GCH & Best of Breed over Champion Challengers

2013 GCH at Little Rock, but there were only 9 shown darn it!

2010 DHI 278 DIM 1470 LB

2011 DHI 89 DIM 630 Lb milk, 25 lb butterfat, 19 lb protien Dance got a horrible case of mastitis this year so once I got her clear , I dried her off. 2013 Dance freshened even- YEAH! She has gotten that last Grand win! Dance had triplet does & one will be available

2010 LA VVVV 87

2012 LA VEVV 88

When my good friend Diane suggested  that I name a goat after her, I knew I had to choose a very special one. This doe is tall, elegant & smart with a great sense of humor. She freshened with buck/ doe twins in 2010 & a lovely udder. Dance was AI’ed to Devonshire SS Serrated & had gorgeous buck/ doe twins in 2011. For 2012, Dance was bred to Latte Da Black Star & freshened with a gorgeous HUGE buckling, who has been retained. In 2011 , Dance developed a terrible case of mastitis, so was dried off early. In 2012 she freshened uneven so will be dried of early again 2013 – triplet does & a relatively even udder…..& that last grand champion win, but didn’t meet sanction- darn it! Sold to Ware Farms in early 2014 as she disliked Nigerians & head butted a favorite.

Dance’s pedigree- click to enlarge