SG Irish Whispers Charm Bracelet 4*D *M

SG Irish Whispers Charm Bracelet 4*D AR (AGS)

Irish Whispers Charm Bracelets 1*M AR (ADGA)
2X 1st place
2007 Houston Stock show youth show Grand Champion Nigerian dwarf doe
2008 Houston Stock Show youth show Reserve Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe
DHI Milk Test 2007:AR!!!, 266 days, 854 pounds, with 4.0% protien & 5.5% butterfat

2010 LA VVEV87

Charm is a very nice doe with a nice straight topline and good strong feet and legs. She has great capacity and well placed teats. She’s also Andrew’s best buddy and the mother of his GCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo. Charm has been bred for fall 2012 kids- she’s very much just Andrew’s goat & he enjoyed this years kids so much that he decided he’d breed her…..I doubt if he’ll show or milk, after all he is a 17 yr old boy :), but maybe she’ll produce another doe as nice as Oreo!

DOB 2-5-03

19 1/4 ” tall 5-14-08

Morningstar Farm LK Sundown X Piddlin Acres RA Alkaseltzer