GCH Texas Flat Rocks Pearl *M

  • ADGA Grand Champion Recorded Grade Senior does 3 time
  • ADGA Numerous times (I think 8!) Reserve Grand Champion Recorded Grade
  • Reserve Grand Champion at a youth show (not official) 2 times
  • DHI 2007, 280 days, 1880 pounds with 3.4% protien & 4.5 % butterfat to earnher AR
  • 2007 #3 Grade LaMancha milk production, #2 Butterfat & # 3 Protien
  • 2007 American La Mancha Club All American
  • 2008 American La Mancha Club Reserve All American
  • 2008 Grade La Mancha #3 Milk production, #2 Butterfat , # 3 Protien
  • 2008 9th place in the 4 year old class at the ADGA national show
  • 2008-2009 DHI extended lactation 630 days 5171 lb 3.6 %pro 4.6% bf
  • 2010 DHI 358 DIM 2743 LB, 106 LB Butterfat, 86 LB Protien
  • 2010 LA +EEV 87
  • 2010 ADGA Nationals 14th 5-6 yr old milkers
  • 2010 ADGA Grade La Mancha #1 in production, #1 butterfat & #1 in protien

Pearl is our 1st La Mancha and her wonderful sweet personality made us fall in love with the La Manchas. Pearl has a well attached udder and is a dream to milk. She also loves to play music & loves to be petted & hugged. We retained one of Pearl’s TRIPLET doelings from last year, Agape Oaks LOX Rejoice .

Pearl earned her GCH wins while on extended lactation, having been in milk for over a year

I lost Pearl on Sun 3-20-11 after a traumatic freshening & probably a torn uterus. I miss her horribly….she was not just a goat but was my best buddy, the first to greet me every day. always with me every chance she got, she wore a collar, but it was just a necklace for her as she went anyplace she was asked.  The only time she didn’t do what I asked was when I begged her to live.