I pull all my kids at birth & start them on a bottle with a lambar nipple on a soft drink bottle,. Usually within a few days the younger kids have learned the lambar from watching the older kids. I made some great lambars a few years ago that I attach outside my fence for easy filling without being mauled by rambunctious kids :). Buy the lambar nipples & the tubing ( you can buy the tubing at home depot- I just took some from a purchased lambar & matched the size), buy plastic canisters- the half gallon size work well for me & the divided dog food dishes.   Use a 5/8 inch drill attachment ( not sure what it’s called) to drill a hole in the center of each half of the dog food dish. Use a drill bit to drill 2 holes in the lid of the canister & on each side of the dog food dish. Use zip ties to attach the dog food dishes to your fence at a good level for the kids to reach…..what’s nice is they can be raised as the kids grow. The lambar nipple is pushed thru the center hole in the dish, with tubing running thru the hole in the canister to the milk. With several of these set up, kids can all find a spot with not as much pushing & shoving. It’s easy to refill the canisters as needed.

fencline lambar

fence line kid feeder